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Returning to Dofus: Issue Recovering my Account

By ChronoJoe - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 06, 2020, 01:42:36

I really want to return to this game but I'm having issues recovering my old accounts and I'm wondering/hoping that someone could help me. 

I stopped playing the game perhaps a little over 10 years ago, maybe in 2007 or so? Around the time I started playing Halo 3 instead. In any case, I quit mainly to focus more on my schooling at the time, so I gave all of my items away and left my account idle, for 10 years. 

I tried to come back to the game a year ago, but when I tried to recover the account (a Sadida named Shujou-, level 199 on Rushu), I was met with a message from a moderator saying my account had been banned for botting. I have no idea what happened in the 10+ years that passed, but at that point, I just gave up.

Now, I'm back again, seeing if I can resolve this once and for all, but I'm having a hard time getting through to anyone. When I explained the issue to support they seemed to misunderstand and just changed the email associated with my current account (currently playing on a fresh account as an Eca just to get familiar with the game again). 

My recent support ticket is #2511960
My support ticket from 1 year ago is #2265799

I spoke with the Support team about your case. An agent should be in touch with you today to discuss your situation. I hope things get resolved.
Good luck! 

Thanks for helping out with this. I really appreciate it. I think I might just start a fresh character anyway, but it's good to have the old ones back if just for nostalghias sake. 

My pleasure.